How to Get Whatever You Want!

I’m so buzzing with excitement right now. Because the topic we’re going to talk about today is something I’ve always been passionate about. You see, I’m a huge believer that anyone can get what they want – if they really want it. Because if you want something badly enough, the possibilities are endless! So is there something [...]

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Warning: Blogging can be Hazardous to your Health!

Yep, that’s right… You heard it right here! While blogging is the next best thing when it comes to online marketing, it can also be a hazardous trap that can cause all sorts of problems on your health and wellbeing. You see, blogging takes a lot of work! A blog has to be nurtured, and [...]

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My #1 Copywriting Trick for Captivating Your Readers

Just a few days ago, I featured in a Top 10 List of Bloggers to Follow. Woohoo!! I felt so honoured because the list also featured a bunch of other bloggers I admire – like Ian Cleary of RazorSocial, Jim Dougherty of LeadersWest, Steve Farnsworth, Annetta Powell and Nick Kellet. The list was put together by Canadian [...]

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Best WordPress Plugins: Do You Have These?

I love WordPress! It’s so flexible, and you can choose from over 23,000 plugins to improve the function of your website. But finding the best WordPress plugins that do exactly what you want can be a mission if you don’t know where to look. In a previous post, I wrote about the 10 Cool WordPress [...]

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Confessions of an Online Marketing Rookie

Ha, did that headline grab you? Well if you were around in the 70s and 80s you may recall the British adult comedy movie series, ‘Confessions of a …’, which caused a bit of a stir for its raunchiness? That title still sticks in my head now, after all these years. As a kid, I remember [...]

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