7 Brilliant Ways to Get Banned by Facebook

7 Brilliant Ways to Get Banned by Facebook

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Okay, so for the past 10 days I’ve been holed inside with an awful head cold that feels like being in the slipstream of a truck. And to make matters worse, it’s summer here in New Zealand and all I want to do is skidaddle down to the beach!

Anyhoo… while I was lying in my deathbed I came across an article about how Facebook is about to change – yet again. I posted this article on my Facebook page, wondering what others thought about it. And being the cynic that I am, I was about to post something about how, since Facebook became a money-making machine, it’s no longer the user-friendly platform it used to be yadiyadiyah!

But then I stopped in my tracks. I thought, “What if Facebook had little spies that watched my every move?” What if I got banned by Facebook?

So I decided to do some detective work – to find out if Facebook could or would ban negative or provocative comments about its service.

And the good news? There are no rules that say you can’t bag Facebook on Facebook. But then again, I’m not sure I want to risk it given Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms around. (scurries away)

So in what situations would Facebook ban you?

7 Brilliant Ways to get banned by FacebookWell, I’m sure we’ve all broken some of the rules without getting banned, but here are some general reasons Facebook might ban you:

  • Posting nudity, porn or anything of a sexually-explicit nature
  • Having more than one account
  • Using a fake name or someone else’s name
  • Posting copyrighted material
  • Sending too many friend requests at once
  • Posting anything politically sensitive
  • Sending too many identical messages
  • Sending too many promotional links.

In other words, anything offensive, false or too spammy could get you kicked off Facebook.

Just remember, too, that other people can also flag you and get you banned – for instance, people on your personal networks, community members of your Facebook page, or members of groups you’ve joined. So better to be on your best behaviour!

Anyway, as I was doing my research I came across some interesting examples of people getting banned by Facebook. I thought I’d share these with you as some of them are so ridiculous they’re hilarious. So sit back, grab a coffee or wine, and enjoy!

7 Brilliant Ways to Get Banned by Facebook

1. Have a Famous Name-Sake.

Facebook banned - Mark S ZuckerburgBummer if you share the same name as someone famous!

Selena Gomez and Mark Zuckerburg both got booted off Facebook – with Facebook claiming Selena was “impersonating” the more-famous Selena Gomez, and Mark Zuckerburg had a case of “false identity”.

The first name, Selena, and surname, Gomez, are both popular names in New Mexico. And Mark (Steven) Zuckerberg, an Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney, was getting over 500 fans a day when he was struck off.

Well I’m glad to report that both had their accounts reinstated after some kerfuffle.

Facebook banned - breastfeeding

2. Post Breastfeeding Shots.

Emma Kwasnica and Gina Crosley-Corcoran, both breastfeeding advocates, were banned from Facebook for posting photos of themselves breastfeeding - sparking outrage in the breastfeeding advocacy community and a protest during Breastfeeding Week.

Facebook cited the photos as being “inappropriate” and “sexually explicit” respectively, but have since apologized and reinstated both accounts.

Facebook banned - Clive Worth

Yuck yuck yuck!

3. Use Facebook to Get Dates.

Clive Worth, 60, likes to fancy himself as a bit of a casanova and claims he has ”bedded” around 1,500 women from online sources (Yuck!) – 300 of which were through Facebook.

The British ex-miner has been thrown off Facebook multiple times because “Facebook is not the place to meet people you don’t know.” So to get around the ban, he started posing as a woman named Carol Peters (his first girlfriend’s name was Carol) and using the photo of an attractive model to attract other women! Ingenious!

But with all the publicity I doubt Worth’s “Carol Peters” profile is still up and running, tho’ the cheeky bugger probably has several pages under different disguises!

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4. Spam your “Friends” with Rubbish.

In 2008 Montreal man, Adam Guerbuez, was fined US$873 million (CDN$1 billion) – and kicked off Facebook – for stealing login names and sending out more than 4 million explicit spam messages on everything from marijuana, to erectile dysfunction and pornography. The messages would appear on Facebook users’ profiles, which indicated the user endorsed his products.

Guerbuez filed for bankruptcy in 2010, but the case made him famous and he was able to capitalise on some of that fame (tho’ how he could ever pay $1 billion is beyond me!).

5. Post a Screenshot of Someone Else’s Page, Even if it Features You.

7 Brilliant Ways to Get Banned by FacebookIcelandic woman, Hildur Lilliendahl Viggósdóttir, was banned by Facebook for 30 days after taking a screenshot of a Facebook page that made a death threat against her, and reposting it on her own page.

Viggósdóttir is a well-known women’s rights campaigner who set up a Facebook album called “Men who hate women” where she points out perpetrators of sexism that she finds from public forums on the web. She regularly gets abusive messages and death threats, but Facebook banned the woman because she didn’t get written permission from the author to repost. Crazy!

6. Post a Pic of Your Elbows.

7 Brilliant Ways to get Banned by Facebook

Facebook made a total boob of this one – by removing an image of a girl in the bath, mistaking the elbow for a (gigantic) boob!

The photo was a test conducted by a group called Theories Of The Deep Understanding Of Things after it was concerned about the banning of breastfeeding photos by Facebook (see above).

After realizing the blunder, Facebook made a red-faced apology and reinstated the photo.

7. Use the Name You’re Known By.

Facebook Banned - Salman RushdieWe all know him as Salman Rushdie. But not Facebook.

Even famous British author, Salman Rushdie, got kicked off Facebook for having a fake name!

To prove his identity, Rushdie sent Facebook a pic of his passport – where he’s known by his full name, Ahmed Salman Rushdie. Facebook then renamed his account Ahmed Rushdie – a name he never uses!

Rushdie had a fit and took to Twitter, where he has 115k followers, to vent his frustrations. An impressive one-and-a-half hours later, Rushdie received an apology from Facebook and had his Salman Rushdie account reinstated. Bravo!

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