My #1 Copywriting Trick for Captivating Your Readers

My Top Copywriting Trick for Captivating your Readers

Just a few days ago, I featured in a Top 10 List of Bloggers to Follow. Woohoo!!

I felt so honoured because the list also featured a bunch of other bloggers I admire – like Ian Cleary of RazorSocial, Jim Dougherty of LeadersWest, Steve Farnsworth, Annetta Powell and Nick Kellet.

The list was put together by Canadian social media expert and trainer, Cendrine Marrouat, who’s also an awesome blogger herself.

Cendrine included me in her list because – in her words:

Lillian is one of the most approachable bloggers I know. When I read her articles, I feel as though she was speaking directly to me.

Pretty cool huh?

So today, I’m going to share with you my top trick to creating copy that captivates your readers, and have them coming back for more.

This is a trick I’ve used time and time again in my copywriting career spanning almost 18 years (goodness, now I’m really showing my age! lol). And it’s one of the reasons my clients keep coming back to me. Oh, apart from the fact that I’m also a bag of laughs, haha!

But seriously, if you use this top copywriting trick for your own content, I can almost guarantee that your readers will be captivated. This not only helps to build relationships with your readers, but it can also increase your readership as people will want to share your content.

And the great thing is, this little trick can be used for all types of copy: blog copy, web copy, brochure copy, email copy, sales copy, and so on.

So go on… check out my video and let me know what you think in the Comments section below.

See you on the other side!!


Photo credit: Carlee Ross via photopin cc

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